Sunday, September 26, 2010


This week I had the privilege of spending time with some of the best people. I have been learning so much, it's almost crazy. God is trying to lead me through a wealth of lovely lessons, if I'll only accept them. Between talks in the middle of the night with a beloved uncle, very pleasant car rides with plenty of conversation, cooking and cleaning, holding babies, making plans, going on errands, witnessing... all of it was God's plan and from it I learned so much. For instance: that I feel I am the most blessed and happy and contented person on the face of the planet, that God's grace is always ready for you, whether or not you're ready for it, that new friends are really special (especially when you have a feeling they'll make it to the old category :), that no matter where you are, there is good work to do and precious people to love. I received loved, gave hugs and admiration, prayed, absorbed richness, listened to wisdom, enjoyed everything, and by God's grace built relationships stronger than they were before - my relationship with Him and others. If we aren't blessed to know God, I don't know anything.I held 5-week-old cousin Lilyana through the communion service given by Pastor Kyle. :)

My handsome uncle and adorable sleeping Is...
At the park.

Love these people!

My pretty aunt made some really good things for us to eat, for which I was very thankful!


Elwyn Garaza said...

What are you talking about? Whoever told you that you don't know how to blog, don't listen to them! And keep posting stuff like this.

Johannes said...

I thank God that you can really "taste and see" that the Lord is good!! Where did you visit??


Elissa said...

Thank-you, Elwyn! You're an encouragement.

Johannes - I just set up my blog to receive notifications when I get a comment, sorry I did not see your kind comment.
I visited Loma Linda, I have a lot of friends, there, besides my uncle.

Thank-you for the greetings, good to hear from you!
Happy Sabbath, dear friend. God IS good, I taste it every day.