Saturday, January 19, 2008

Only a World Away...

What can I say? I don't know how He does it, but God has this way of knowing exactly where we should be at any given time. We can always take comfort in the fact that, even if we do not, God DOES know the end from the beginning, and He's only too willing to put us exactly where we should be in order that we might be the best we can be.
So, even though part of my heart seems to be elsewhere, I have been able to be very HAPPY. 
I miss all of you. I think of you often. But I just have that feeling... that I'm EXACTLY WHERE I'M SUPPOSED TO BE.  

p.s The picture is of a spinning light-up globe we found in the basement of the Ulsrud church in Norway. Ulsrud, by the way, is shamefully close to Sweden. sigh.


Spring said...

Very neat picture!

Azure Spring said...

I just was browsing blogs with similiar interests and books etc, so that is how I ran across your blog. :) I hope you have a blessed week!


Kaitlin said...

This post made me smile, and it reminded me that in the divine plan, we all have to be where we are at any given time... and forget all the "what ifs"
thank you :)

Jen Scott said...

Nice picture Lissy :)